Growing Sustainability

Transforming waste into nutrition for a greener tomorrow

Revelutionary bio-fertiliser plant

Turning Sludge and manure to bio fertiliser and bio gas


A circular economy around land- based salmon farming. From fish sludge and cow and pig manure to fertiliser and bio-fuel. 


Collecting and transporting manure and fish sludge from farmers and land based fish farms to a bio-fertilizer plant by a mobile treatment unit thereby decreasing the carbon footprint of Iceland’s farming and food production industries.


Digestate process turning sludge and animal manure into a powerful natural fertilizer and biogas.


Fertilising soil to boost environmentally friendly food production and producing fuel from renewables in an eco friendly way nourishing mother nature.


New technologies and methods to circle waste to fertiliser

Terraforming LIFE designs and develops new technologies and methods to create an Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture (IAA) system where aquaculture, agriculture farmers, and agriculturists are at the heart of a circular economy.

What we do

A combination of processed sludge and animal manure will be transported by a mobile treatment unit to a bio-fertiliser plant. It will be boosted with digestate from any dead-fish that unavoidably perish during the rearing, and eventually dried to create a powerful natural fertiliser and biogas.

How we do it

This project optimizes a new water recycling technology (Sideflow), complementary to the “Flow-Through System with Reuse” (FTS-R) aquaculture system.

Both CAPEX and OPEX will be below any other high-tech aquaculture system (e.g., sea-pens, Recirculation Aquaculture Systems, and hybrid systems) while maximizing the amount of nutrients of fish sludge

our development for your benefit

Get involved

We encourage cow farms, pig farms, fish farms and fisheries to get involved and benefit from our development.


If you are a farmer in Iceland and you are interested in participating in the Terraforming LIFE project by exchanging manure for quality bio-fertiliser please follow the link for more information.

Fish farms

The project involves land based fish farm but we always looking to expand out project. If you are a representative of a land based fish farm please follow the link for more information 


If you are representative for a fish processing plant and you are interested in contributing to the project, i.e. with side material from fish, please follow the link for more information.

“Human population is growing, and neither aquaculture nor agriculture are adapting to overcome this challenge sustainably."
Terraforming LIFE


Growing in Europe

Within five years beyond the end of the project, we will implement 6 IAA systems (one in Iceland and five more across Europe)